Sunday, August 28, 2011

Davis here we come!

So I, like always have lost count of what number blog this is...
Sad I know but its OK. I will have this blog for two years.
Why you ask?

Because Robert and I
(The california Poppies) 
are Moving from our home town
to Davis. An amazing town about an hour or so away from our families.

We move this weekend and things are getting BUSY.
I just went to my ward for the last time!

BYE Roseville 3rd ward! WE shall miss you!

I wish I could say that my bags are packed and ready to go but I am not going to lie to you
You would think I would be more on top of this
I KNOW! shame shame on me.

I am nervous, because we did not get to see our apartment before we got it.
apartments are in such a high demand down there you take what you get.
and I am crossing my fingers it will be pretty on the inside like it is on the outside.

We went to San Fran this weekend with my Sis in law and mom in law
we saw such PRETTY homes!

We saw these homes from the street... so pretty. Reminded me of our new home we will have soon. I am excited to have our own place even if it is an apartment!

 but in other news... my dad had a birthday!

 a J-Pop convention... need I say more?

 and naturally we asked to take our picture with them!

 We had Japanese food.... LOVE

 You have to stop by Japan town when you go to san fran if you are an Eshbaugh... its just part of the package... lol

 picture of the city

This park was AMAZING

 and the fog looked like a water fall sooo pretty!

so last weekend living in Roseville turned out well.

Looking forward to DAVIS!

Welcome to the California Poppy! 


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