Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happiness is found...

 in the way my Grandfather looks at my Grandmother...

In the way the sound of the waves on the beach call to my thoughts memories of my

childhood spend under this warm yellow sun and endless salty waves of the beach I have been too hundreds of times

sense I was born.

In realizing God made this world for me.
 Every pretty thing in it, and that I get to take pictures of it.

in watching my mom take pictures of the beach with her iphone for all those in Roseville that could not come on our trip...

 in letting my toes touch the waves that come in and out...

in watching the waves crash on the sea shore...
like they always do...

Its my mom taking pictures of my Grandpa and I on the beach

and us making funny faces because the sun is in our eyes and my hair is blowing infront of my face
but my grandpa always smiles.

 It's my grandma finding a piece of driftwood to take home...

It's in the way my grandmother asks me questions as we drive, and we talk about all kinds of things.

It's my grandpa finding places so I can get some pictures...

it's in taking pictures with my Grandpa...

I learned that happiness is found in an afternoon spent with your grandparents in L.A. When they pick you up for a few hours before taking you to the air port.

I learned that happiness is always found
with the ones you love.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Im closing up shop

Hey all! I have been so busy with my Photography Bizz 9-5 job... and my book... and this blog? I chose to cut something out. and with that I have decided to say goodbye to you all. While blogging is fun and awesome I do not want to spend ALL my time on a computer. Also I was having some privacy issues last year and kinda came out of it... but now? Here they are again and so hey I am done. I am done. Sorry. But I doubt I get very many readers so.... not sorry? Lol if you do read my blog let me know I am only setting it to private. cause I will still want to document some stuff I am sure It's For Family and Friends that I LOVE I will add you. Everyone else? You can check out my photography site to see what I am working on or what not.

Its time.

So although I really do not get readers...
its private coming in a week or so.



Sunday, October 14, 2012

We like to get pumpkins this time of year.









 Robby found this CUTE little pumpkin patch right here in Davis and it was the best one we have been to these four years! We both agreed.

I am obsessed with Fall/Halloween and so we have made it a family tradition to do the whole pumpkin patch deal. Last year was sad because we we too busy to go :( but never again! I also am so obsessed with Halloween/Fall that I make Robby dress up! We always have and always WILL right Robert? RIGHT.

When we were dating I was an angel and Robert a Vampire (we did not know about Twilight yet BTW)

When we first got married the ward we were in did not have a party and we were sad... but Robby worked like every day all day so I went to my parents house and passed out Candy with my Best Friend Anj and watched scary movies... we both dressed as Vampires (twilight yes...) I actually got a boy pretty good that year. He thought I was a dummy and came up to get candy from the bowl on my lap and when I moved the bowl to his hand he screamed... probably because I smiled all creepy like too... HA BEST EVER.

Then the next year we lived in Roseville, and Robby quit his jobs (YES! It was about time) So we were able to go to the Trunk or Treat and Robert is/was still getting used to having to dress up, and my amazing Sis in Law got me a kimono from Japan and Robert too so we dressed up as Mulan and some Japanese guy (robert) ha.

Last year we were in Davis (LOVE IT HERE) and I was a queen cause the costume was easy and awesome and cheap. Robert was Clark Kent and I was that for work, like two years ago and he liked it and I always call him super man anyways. So we were that.

So my point in telling you all this?

Well... Robby is actually starting to understand he needs to dress up in a costume, so he is getting a little more creative... and this year he already had a plan... and it is awesome.. and I have my costume... and I am SO EXCITED.

Happy Fall/Halloween time.

Hope you are able to get some pumpkins too!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Look what I found

Today is my Brother Adams Birthday!
Happy Birthday Adam!

Sorry I have been missing in action and all that I have been sooo busy with my Photography Business I have had no extra time! Thats what happens I guess when You work full time and have your own business +  blog write + read... not to mention the fact that I just finished the Once Upon A Time series  and by the way It is awesome.

At this moment right now?

I wish I had cable so I could watch Vampire Diaries. Yes, I am one of those people. Do not judge I gave up all vampire stuff after Twilight... other than this :)

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