Saturday, September 24, 2011


Can you see me in this picture?

I can. I can see me, my camera my sister and Brooklyn... admit it I am pretty dang good... lol this totally happened my accident too! Don't you love that?

I do.

I love my baby niece...

And I love her feet... 

and her FACE when she yawns...

and when she is trying to stick out her tongue...

You can check out my website Next week for more cute pics of Brooklyn Christine Krebs...

She is so cute. I thank my sister for letting me take her baby pictures!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween/Fall Decor

You know I have a couple of favorite times of the year. They all start with October. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday... a little grim you might think... but its mostly because October is the start of the most amazing time of the year. A time when you bundle up, when you wear sweaters and mittens and scarves. Eat hot chocolate just about every night and... and! cuddling with the amazing hubby.

Just so you know. Cuddling rocks.

anyways so Halloween and well the antisipation for it, and all the holidays is what I love! Getting ready for Halloween then looking forward to thanks giving... then most importantly Christmas. and then last new years. WHAT AN AMAZING FEW MONTHS. So yes I decorate and I love it... This is a simple Halloween... its not what I have up currently but it is for those on a budget. Most of these things I have collected from the dollar store...

Good news is you can be super cheap when decorating for Halloween, and holidays. Re-use. Halloween you can decorate with pumpkins... and so can you at thanksgiving! So if you want to make your money last buy things that work for both. Me, I love the dollar store. Most people think GROSS but honestly... sometimes they have the best stuff.

Anyways that is enough of me talking. Let my pictures say a thousand words... listen up... I mean look lol:


and what do I do you ask after I decorate for Halloween/fall???

I read this book:

It had become my offical Halloween book..

Theres a little of my apartment! Hoped you liked...


cause we have a computer with a built in camera! We joined the cool kids! :)

here is proof! I took pics of myself... yes. It was either myself or the wall. (so sorry for those of you who wanted the wall... but you can still take a gander at it behind me...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life lately...

So a ton of things have gone down lately... I thought seeing as I finally have internet I would jumble together a post about all the stuff I have not been able to post about.

SO here  it comes:

So we went to this cool corn maze... they had these awesome tiny houses...
I just love LOVE the sunsetting sky.... is there anything more pretty?
Its almost that time of year again! can you believe it?
We bought a baby pumpkin already.

and here we go!

into the corn!

with no flashlights!

My lover and I

Tried some things out... it worked out.

This one is one of my favorites
I look weird in this one..

Then after our long journey in the maze...

we went out to...

I have been noticing lately that I have neglected my poor hair...

So I have decided to be a little more creative... this is my first try for church

Nothing too fancy or anything but a little more fun than just pulling my hair back...
SUSHI night!

We are so excited! We live really close to Sacramento now and there is this amazing! AMAZING Japanese market there and we were able to get all these things for making sushi!

now just because Robert is Asian does not mean that he knows how to make them... Next time we are going to do our re search... but it was YUMMY and that is what truly matters!

I am no cook.... but I am trying to become one... even though you don't cook sushi so I guess that does not apply... but anyways.

THIS STUFF is amazing! we bought some when we first got married and I have been wanting MORE for ever! Its really amazing seasoning for rice. YUM.

We did invest in new chop sticks too...

My sushi attempt number one... next one will hopefully look better but taste just as fabulous!

Seeing as I work now 45 minutes away from my work....

Not to mention a small fact that I WAS SCARED OUT OF MY MIND of driving on the freeway before. Seeing as I was in a car accident this makes sense right?? I tell myself this..

Robert took me on a date! It was fun and a surprise the whole time! HE IS AMAZING

He was so cute he actually asked me on it too! I came home from work with a note on the table and then it told me to look in the fridge for my dinner he left me... I opened the fridge and on top of my food was another note. He made a cute little secret hidden message that asked me out on a date. It had directions to call him and stuff... anyways it was CUTE.

I was so excited!

State capitol

 This is were we went and where I always wanted to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I can not express enough how deeply blessed I am to have such an incredible husband who knows me so well.

 Because I LOVE ART.

OK so
here is the deal.
I am an artist.... duh and  a painter. That is my favorite form of art. When I was in highschool I discovered in one of my art classes my favorite style of painting and my favorite painter.

Claude Monet.
He is my favorite painter that was alive during the age of impressionism. He painted in a way that makes me cry...  I literaly almost did in the museum but thought that may look a tad dumb...

there was a special exhibition of this MY FAVORITE STYLE of painting...
There was actually TWO of his paintings!
this is a big deal for me...

 Of course I could not take any pictures but...I will forever hold them in my memory

We walked around and looked at all the different things they had displayed

 and posed for pictures

the original house

very colorful.

 no one makes homes like these anymore

 mosaic tiles... very beautiful

 DOUBLE stair case in the front entrance.... Out of the things I would only dream for in a home I do have this random one... I want double stair cases at the front entrance...

he is so hot

they had some cool Japanese stuff too!

I LOVE blue walls with white and dark wood.. LOVE


We are sushi and JAPANESE lovers...

I told robert we should do something for my heritage sometime...

but food from Scotland is gross... I am 75 % Scottish... and then all the other European you can think of ... So like unless we wear kilts or go to Scotland... It would be hard... we are working on that.

Basically though my heritage is American... because my ancestors have been here from the begging 

so thats it so far...
pics of my CUTE apartment very soon to come so look forward to that!!

just saying.

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