Friday, May 25, 2012

Lets talk about shoes...

So, in my closet (mostly on my floor) are many many shoes!
and so today we will take a look at a FEW of them.

 Forever 21. I LOVE YOU> and I am super hecka grateful you are right ACROSS the street from my place! :) I got these on a Valentines day sale! $10.00 I love these heels. These are good with brown black gold and white and jeans! I love heels and jeans.

 NOW. This is the "Glass Slipper" shoe I currently own. Stiletto heels are never really my friend but I have to wear them every once in a while cause they just ROCK. and look awesome. These shoes I got for my Birthday from my sista! (thanks girl!) They are from Fredrick of Hollywood. (yes they sell other things)
 Payless... I spent $25.00 ahh some of my fav. shoes right about now. They match with just about EVERYTHING. and totaly are SOOO COMFY I have never had a pair of shoes I loved so much. I love the closed toe so I do not have to worry 24/7 about painting my toes just in case I did not have time. ALWAYS a good choice for work or out an about. I LOVE with a pair of JEANS so cute.
 Basically I love LOVE wearing these flats just about everywhere. They actually had a back strap but I had to cut it off because it was driving me CRAZY> they were on discount last summer for 5 buck. CAN NOT GO WRONG with a pair a $5.00 shoes.

 So, yes these are SOME of my shoes. Robert would probably LOVE it if these were the ONLY shoes I have but alas, there is more.

and on a side note, what are you DOING THIS WEEKEND?
this whole week I was at my parents place. LOVE the bed there SO COMFORTABLE. only down side no husband :( but we will reunite tomorrow)

Not doing anything special this 3 day weekend but I really really really need a weekend like that.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"With a strong hand"

So it just recently was brought to my attention that more people read this thing than I ever thought. Strange. Then I was like: OH NO!!!!!


and then I thought about it. (again)

Who cares?


If you ever really met me and or talked to me, you would see I am the same. I may be a tad obsessed with Love stories, and lets be honest my husband too, but that's not a bad thing. And anyone who thinks that I dont need in my life anyway right? RIGHT. So to anyone who thinks it is stop reading and....

thanks for coming.... :) bye!


But those of you who understand that we are all unique and different, those of you who like being yourself, and who embrace it instead of hide and try to be a clone like the rest of the world.  

Thanks for reading/ looking at my pics. and please, STAY forever.your amazing and I need (always) some positive energy in life! :)

Anyways so all this "thinking" has really been annoying. I can either care or not, choose to face the fact people read this and find out a "little"(more like a lot) too much info about me. Or I can not be afraid of who I am and try to not hide from the world.

I choose the latter.
I am not afraid. Not a coward.
If the world can not handle a little bit of me then what ever, too bad because I am here.
Not everyone can like me. Not everyone can agree with me.
I am glad for that too, because being different and unique and all that is a beautiful part about life.
We are all different. We like different things. Have favorite colors, movies, songs. 
So I am different, just like you.
I wanna be a stay at home mom
I love my husband obsessively
I take pics like crazy
like old fashion things
love roses
hate pink
love fairytales
spell horribly/bad punctuation
I get angry quickly
forgive in a second.
I am sensitive like CRAZY
but its me, and I am ok with me.


"I fear not but am cautious" 

is my family's Scottish motto.
I think it applies here.

also (cause I am 75% Scottish and have 2 crests) 
"With a strong hand" 
is the other one.


So I will be practicing my families long ancient traditions of:
fearing not but being careful
and being strong.


 (I like roses and my dad has plenty in his yard)

(um I just woke up here)

So you will see more of me.
I bet your laughing.
stop. It.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

That white dress is mine.

Four Years next month.

It hit me today. So, I opened my closet
Pulled out my white dress bag
unzipped the zipper
 pulled my white wedding dress out
unzipped it
then put it on.
I took my veil out and put it on
put on those earrings
that tiara


I looked at myself in the mirror and memories came rushing back;

The night my mom heard of a wedding dress sale so we hurried to get there before the store closed.
going into the fitting room with three dresses picked out
seeing a picture on the wall of Cinderella getting ready to go to the ball...

 I remember stepping out of the dressing room to stand
in front of those three mirrors on that stool.
 My mom looked at me and smiled I looked at me in that perfect dress and cried.
 I did not want to take it off.
 My mom cried I cried, and so it was that the first dress I tried on was the one.
 I knew it then that it was the only white fancy dress I would ever buy.
but it was mine.

I remember picking my wedding colors, buying little glass slippers to put on the tables, getting M&M's to have our wedding date on them. I remember preparing the backyard for the special day, going over brides maid dresses, shopping for the perfect everything. Robert ordering me my flowers as a surprise (he was amazing)

As I stood there looking at myself in that dress today I remembered how excited I was about a new life with Robert, my own prince charming.
and the adventures and dragons we would slay together.
 I was a little scared at the unknown but I knew with him by my side life would be beautiful.
Even through the dragons had fire.

I was right.

More so than the perfect dress, the perfect ring, the perfect reception, hair, nails, and makeup the best choice I made for my wedding was who I picked the groom to be.

You see all the wedding details are fun and incredible and exciting, but the only detail that really matters is who you are choosing to spend your life with.
I am glad I did not get too caught up in the "extra" wedding stuff to not see the important stuff.
We may not have had the perfect reception
but it was perfect to us

We may have had lame center pieces to some
but they were cool to me. My mom and I made them.

We may have had a broken microphone and people could not hear us speak
but it did not matter because we heard all we needed to.

I may not have had my make up done by a fancy place
But it was done the way Robert likes it best, the way I like it.

My dress was not 1,000.00 + not designer
but it was the most expensive dress I own.

we went to Old Navy to get white flip flops
because GLASS SLIPPERS hurt.
People may have thought that was tacky, but
that is a wedding memory I will NEVER forget; going into that store and having little girls
call me a beautiful princess?
Yes I am glad I did that.

Over all weddings are just a celebration of the incredible union you have created.

All that really matters is the who you choose. 

Not what dress you wear, and what style.

You see when I looked in that mirror today
in my white wedding dress,
4 years later
I realized why
 that dress is important, to me to you to all girls.
In that dress I swore to be someone Else's for the rest of my life and all eternity.
Its the day we get the man of our dreams.
The day we can feel like a princess.

I cried then. Today. 4 years later.
Because I felt beautiful,
and I remembered how sacred
special that day was.

The day when my prince charming was mine. ALL MINE. for real.

The day when I wore this white dress. It was perfect.

I did not need a wedding planner
I did not need a florist
I did not need diamond earnings
I did not need make up artists
Fancy dinner
and cake.

I needed Robert, and I and our families.

Well after for years of the: Living Happily Ever After
 I can still
honestly tell you that fairy tales do exist,
they are each different.

I can tell you
That living happily ever after is a choice, and one Robert and I make daily.

You see life is not all rainbows and sunny days
and if it were 
that would be annoying.

We don't always get along and sometimes.
We are stubborn, we fight everyone does.
You can never have the perfect marriage the perfect life house car etc.
but you can have perfect love.
and thats what Robert and I got.
We love each other, faults and all. We speak our minds.
We say sorry.
We love like crazy.

Each of us, our stories are different unique.
Like each of our white wedding dresses.

The memories of your love, your love story 
go past the date you wore that white dress.

The love gets better stronger,
and life gets harder.
But you are two instead of one.
Dragons are easier to sleigh with two
 (believe me one distracts while the other attacks).

My love story is different from yours
but its mine.

My wedding dress was different or will be different from yours
but its mine.

Those memories that the wedding dress created and started were only the middle of my story.

I fell in love first,
got married,

and I am still living the rest.
 I will always love that dress.

Now you know why on a Saturday night I put it on,
(weirdo maybe but hey its all good)
like a little girl playing dress up.
For one night again I remembered when my story's Happily Ever After began.

I should pull out that white dress more often,
Cause It's mine.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Earth Day

this weekend was earth day celebration in Davis, CA

and we we went.

home made soaps...


and other items... all hand made...



It was so incredible to see so many amazingly talented people we have in this world. I am amazed by it.




and a little boy (nephew) got a black widow painted on his face... NICE



these are such pretty! glass wind chimes... (as seen in previous post)


 and a lot of other cool stuff...


 I really love these.





This little girl. Chloe got a balloon from a clown.

 this little boy... got a balloon too :) he was happier than he looks here lol. and Strawberries all over his face= cuteness! love this boy!


 um... these are pretty much AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


 all in all it was a pretty fun and interesting day.

I am so grateful for the amazing beautiful earth. I am astounded by all its many beauties and wonders. I can not wait to go camping and see more, and to hike! :) I just LOVE being out doors. This summer is gonna be full of it!

oh and on a super happy random note:
I am photographing a wedding in August! SO EXCITED!

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