Wednesday, February 29, 2012


this is a little bit about my last weekend.
enjoying spring coming to my parents back yard!
superman t shirt'n it for the weekend... got the oil changed! Been a while ...
gettin ready for a wedding with the little sis.
borrowing moms/sisters clothes...
taking pictures of nature... its what I do.

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tonight is a big deal

I created a cover for my book!

Hey guys I only have about five chapters left to write and my first Draft of my first novel will be done!
Still a lot more drafts where this came from but...

I AM SO HAPPY! Its all coming together!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pics from this week

I love my what I do!

Valentines day is for LOVERS

Its the Truth Valentines day is for Lovers. None else. For true romantics. And so Robby bear and I fall into that category. So Valentines day is a big deal.

This year I woke up to breakfast being made and a lunch packed for me! :)

I went to work and had a visitor...
ROBERT! He shows up with a big boquet of a dozen red roses and balloons... AW BABY LOVE YOU! Then tells me he has a surprise for me, and that we are going on a date! :)

after work I meet up with my lover and we cook...
 We made stakes... cause we are fancy pants like that!

After we prepared the lovely meal. Robert had me close my eyes as he lead me into the back room...

and this is what I saw minus the lights... there were lights off and a candle flickering. There was also the sound of a babbling brook... and it sounded and looked and was so PERFECT. HOW SWEET is this man I married?

Goodness! Sometimes I swear I need to pinch myself because I must be dreaming.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

V-Day Dance... AMAZING

 So on Friday at work I discovered that I had a whole in my skirt... This seems like a trend with me. I am always ripping my clothes! ugh 
 So anyways I had to buy a new outfit DUH cause I was goin' somewhere and I did not want to look like a homeless person...

above is my new shirt and my amazing camera...
 But on a more happier and positive note... Our stake here in Davis throws a V-Day dance and I was stoked! It was for all the ADULTS!!!!!!!!!! SO like I love to dance... ROb too and so of course I was on clouds for the past few weeks dreaming of going to a dance again! I thought you know when you get married the whole dancing thing is like over... but wrong! so wrong. I of course am glad to be wrong in this situation. Please understand that Dancing has and always will be a part of me. Honestly I love love love it. Robert knows this about me and he also loves to dance as well.
 So... I had this plan I would buy the perfect dress, necklace, shoes the whole thing. And I did it. I found it all.
so saturday was the day! I got ready and waited... and waited ... and waited... you see this is the thing, you know how its said women take forever in getting ready? 
Well... for us robert takes FOREVER TO GET READY. So now that I am used to this... Robert takes forever... I try to wait patiently and often in turns out by this... and this is how I entertain myself... weird I know...

 ya... he took a while.

my dress black lace shoes flats

 Then he was ready!

 We basically had a blast! I love dances I was soooo glad we were able to go! We danced every song.
 The after-dance look: Very pink and hair flat... ha

We had a ton of fun! I can not wait till next year already!

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