Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun With Photoshop

After Photoshop:





So this weekend I pulled out the Christmas Decor and Got to work!

This is my Hall and Entry way Decor for Christmas 2011

I am so excited to get My Christmas tree. It is SOOOO nice to have our OWN place again I can not tell you how much Fun I am having! Anyways more soon to come I need to pick up a few more things, but thought I would share my Christmas spirit with you! :)

Merry Christmas!

Black Friday Not Grey Thursday...duh Mom lol

For black friday I got a chair (my back has been killing me in the fold up one...and also a 15 piece picture frame set for 7 bucks... good deals. and I got Roberts Christmas gifts all done! :) It was actually like a thrill to be out with all those people shopping trying to find the best deals I was surprised to find people in the Christmas spirit. People were kind and helpful! It was awesome!

Can not wait for next year... :)

No longer a black Friday virgin...

while we were in line my mom said:
So what do we call Thursday? Grey Thursday? And the lady in front of us laughed and said yes. Then the Lady from behind smiled and said and Saturday is White...

we were all tired as you can gander. lol.

also more important than black Friday Thanksgiving! Robert and I had a blast because we were able to have his dad and two brothers and little sister over for a thanksgiving breakfast! We also had the Coopers come as well and our friend Daniel.

I was excited to cook this 100% by myself because Robert actually is one of those guys who likes to cook. But I just wanted people to know that I can cook too! :) anyways it was fun! I did not get any pics of after products which Robert reminded me was stupid.... yea but here is some of the process:

 Of course making a mess of the kitchen is step numero uno

I also made an egg dish but did not get really any pics but these:

and we also had pancakes...
It was a blast and all tasted yummy and that is always a bonus when u r the one cooking!


Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving/ grey Thursday!

We had thanksginving real dinner for lunch at my families and then ended at Roberts mom's for their famous roast and sauce that you could die for.

Love my family! :)

Stay tuned next for Decorating for Christmas: My Hall and Entry Way! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is how we do it.

Sometimes when Robert is studying and I am super bored...

I come and attack him with the camera and we take some pics...
Its important to document right?

haha Love you husband!

Post soon to come:
Thanksgiving breakfast...
what I made and my official first black friday! stay tuned!

Oh and check out my new Cinderella tab if you wanna! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey! As you all know I am an Eshbaugh.

since its almost thanksgiving I thought I would give thanks for my amazing family.
I am so extremely proud of where I come from, my family the Strawn's  (my maiden name) They made me who I am today. but I do not want to focus on them in this post.

because I am also so happy to be apart of the Eshbaugh family for 3 years now.
Not only because it means I am married to Robert, who is a super stud of a husband and person in general. But because I get to be apart of His siblings and parents life. And his adopted families lives.
Seriously his family is so loving. Its crazy. They all show it in different ways.

I am so blessed to have such an incredible set of in -laws.
I really do love my husbands family. They are so loyal and loving. Sure each family has its set of problems who doesnt? But I have learned that in the Eshbaugh family if you need something they will give you it if they have it.

For instance just this past summer I got my dream camera and my father in Law Randy was a photographer when he was younger. He showed me his old camera and let me use his flash (they are SOOOOO expensive so this was HUGE) He did not stop just there though, he also let us use one of his computers and he gave me photoshop, he also gave me cds/dvds that show you how to use the program! HE is soooo sweet. He is really such a great man, I can see why my husband looks up to him so much. Speaking of him he is so super creative its amazing. He helped with our wedidng invites and printed them. He also gave us like half our NICE furniture that is super super expensive and fancy. And in general other than the things he has given us if you ever talk to him he reminds me a lot of robert in his stance and how he says things. He will talk to you forever and its amazing to just sit and listen to what he has to say, he knows so much. I love him very much.

Naoko wow she is also incredible. She came all the way from japan to America and went to school and became a teacher. She is SOOOO Self efficient it blows my mind. She also let us live with her for 2 years! She helped us sooo much when we were in need. She is so sweet and kind too. She loves her children so much and I can see it with all she does. She lives for them and wants them to always be safe and doing good. She has such a sweet spirit. She is a whole lot like robert too. She is a planner and a people person just like robert. She is focused and goal oriented. She has a TON of friends who she thinks as family (robert too).

Joyce WOW there are so many incredible things to say about this women. WOW. where do I start? Other than I love her like my own sister I think she is amazing. I met her first from the Eshbaugh family. And I always looked up to her in high school she just always seemed so pretty and so cool and she liked talking to me which for me was a big deal I loved that she cared. and she is just like that she cares. She is loving so super loving and compassionate. She would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it. She is an amazing mother and wife. She loves her brothers and her family SO much it shows in all she does. She does all she can to help them, and inspire them to great things.

James. he is the second Eshbaugh I met. He is such a sweet heart. And so incredibly smart, he would always amaze me with something when we talked. He really is very very smart. He is soooo  extremely sincere. He is sooo loyal to his friends and family it is crazy! He has so many friends and always did in highschool cause James just has that likable personable attitude that pours over everything. He has a way about him that Robert has too they are both just smooth talkers. ;) I was sick one day I remember him and his friend made me soup and food just out of the blue cause they knew I was not feeling well. I know that he would make any girl very happy because he has such an amazing capacity to love. He also is sooo good with kids.

Ducky aka Christian. He is the Third Eshbaugh I met.... I remember I met him at a foot ball game with a sign on his shirt that said: FREE HUGS. Ducky is your average tree hugger type guy. A sweet heart too but also so artistic I dont think he even realizes it. He is a good painter and drawer and he just has a nack for it, just  RAW talent. He often can be found with out a shirt on... and he cracks me up! lol but he also is musically tallented too. He even has a baby grand piano that he got. He plays so well sometimes I just want to cry. he also started to play the violin and that does not surprise me, that he is good at that too. He is so energetic and fun loving. Also loyal.

Robert the fourth Eshbaugh I met but you already know where and how. He takes my breath away. He is soooo special and important to me. Not only because he is my husband but he taught me how to love, and taught me that it is ok to give away your heart.  He was my first everything, I saved it all for him. He is so smart wow he is so smart! He blows my mind with how incredible he is. He could get an A in any class he takes ever. He is so diligent and so focused. When he sets his mind to something he will achieve it. He loves to be active and play sports he doesnt really like to sit still. He is a mover. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for. We are so perfect for each other in sooo many ways.  He is so patient with me, and I need that. He is also so sensitive and sweet he takes the time to help me. He also thinks my crazy obsession to Cinderella is cute. And he is just so proud of me all the time he makes me feel good about being me, although I feel like he is the one being incredible. Somehow this amazing man loves me and for the life of me I can not figure that out! I am so proud of him and I can not wait till the day he is a father and I get to see him fulfill that role just as amazing as he is filling his roles now. I could go on and on but I will save you that... :)

Robert also has two half siblings Devin and Elena I also love them very much and think they are so cute! Devin is a sweet heart and Elena is super fun and so cute with bunch of spunk. I love being apart of their lives though I don't get to see all of them that much anymore cause we live far away.

In the Eshbaugh family if you need help they will be there for you. I can not express in words time and time again how amazed I have been by their loyalty to each other. They have taught me a few things and I hope to teach this to my children someday.

I am grateful for so many things but I had to take time out and say that I love being an Eshbaugh.

I love what it means and I love being related to such AMAZING people. Even if they don't see it, I do. They are ALL incredible.

Among my blessings dear Eshbaugh family you are on my list!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Farmers market

So here in U.C. Davis there is an event called the farmers market we just HAD to check out

I guess they had a problem once....REPTILES? wow. This is how you know your not in Roseville anymore

 My hubby spent the whole day with me! He was so busy with school (normal) but he took a break to be with ME!
 The soon to be Doctor and his wife... lol

and sometimes we like to walk in the air...or on ropes you know just the usual this guy was really good.

 and trees! OF course you know how much I love them!

I love fall
  We met up with some friends for a bike ride around our town... it was a blast! I love our little town.
 These are seriously the most AMAZING grapes.

nice view huh? lol ha ha 
don't look!

My husband is part Miwok indian...

and then it was time for...

thats right! BR
and I JUST LOVE Strawberry milkshakes...

My husband is pretty much a hottie with a body huh? Well at least I think so...

WOW I think I finally updated enough for two days see you guys later!

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