Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

8 years ago today I met my husband....

I never would have thought I would be prank phone calling my future husband...

but alas

8 years ago tonight my friends and I prank phone called his house, and later came over to meet him...

I HAD NO IDEA that man was going to be my husband... but he was highly attractive... still is.

I met my husband when I was 14 and a freshmen....


We will be having a blast... What are you gonna do?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Modest is the Hottest

SO I hope this post does not offend anyone...
 This is not my intent at all

When I was in Highschool there was always a lot of pressure to dress/ act a certain way luckily for me I had already made my mind up how I would act and dress so It was easier for me than most, though at times frustrating when people did not understand my standards.

In todays world where standards are hardly seen it makes me sad because the standards I have lived by my whole life have not only made me who I am but brought SO MUCH happiness to my life I want everyone to have it too!

Its Halloween tomorrow and everyone has been shopping for costumes. It is so sad how all the costumes for women look like a bra and underwear, and some maybe with a mini skirt....

It makes me sad sometimes because I do not think people realize what message they are sending when they dress like that.

It gets guys attention... but not the right kind of guys and not the kind of attention we girls look for...aka: LOVE.

its moments like these when I am so glad that modesty is not only a choice I make daily, but it is so much a part of me that its just what I do. I asked Robert (the husband) If he would have been interested in me in high school (where we met) If I had dressed in modest. He said no, he was not looking for that type of girl, and would not have thought really seriously about me. THAT IS ALL FROM LOOKS... WOW what does that say? It says that the way I dress made the man of my dreams see me for the real me... BIG DEAL. I wanted a man who looked at my eyes when he talked to me, not a low cut shirt.... I wanted a man who cared about me. Who got to know ME. I think its funny and sad how people think its not important or not a bug deal...

My body is a temple. I know it is. It is sacred and special. I don't just flaunt my body for everyone to see.

This year for Halloween I bought a costume that was in-modest and took the time to make it modest.
the dress was too short, so I made a skirt to go underneath it and made the top skirt into a design.

I really honestly thought nothing of it, its just what I do alter things until they are modest...

but I now understand what a blessing this is in my life.

I probably have been rambling all too much but I really have such a strong testimony of modesty in action and in dress.

I know that what I said may be hard for some to hear but I feel it is true. I know that modesty has helped me SO much in my life.

:) be modest.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a great time at our trunk or treat tonight! It is always a blast! :) We love our Davis ward! :) 

Only sad news this week was I was in ANOTHER car accident... honestly its not fair! :( but anyways I am back to my pain in the neck and back, luckily this time no broken bones! and no totaled car! Though I did get hit on the free way and got bad whiplash I can not complain because I feel already better than the LAST car accident and that one last year was TERRIBLE. This one was only BAD...

at least each car accident I get into is:
#1 never my fault
#2 not as bad each time!

Well Hope you all dress up and pass out candy or watch a scary movie, or go to a party or carve pumpkins, or cook pumpkin pie, or eat apple cider or go bobbing for apples, or cook pumpkin seeds, or go trick or treating, or visit a cemetery...CREEPY...

As for me...

I will be passing out candy watching Haunted mansion/ hocus pocus.... eating popcorn and pumpkin seeds carving pumpkins and cuddling with the husband on the couch while he writes some super awesome essays!

:) Jealous?
I know....


Happy Halloween! (on Monday)

Friday, October 21, 2011


SO I love to read. Its no surprise to my family my husband and my friends.... I have read 4 books this week. I know I am CRAZY. Good news is that most I borrowed. But when I get involved in a series or when I have to buy a new book 15 bucks it just too much when I read 4 books in one week.

So husband and I talked and found out a solution to said problem go to the library.
I have like four library cards all at different libraries. It always seems that the book I want someone else wants too and I have to wait a MONTH until I can read it, by that time I forget and by the time I remember they give it the next person. So some may same I just need to keep track, or not read as much. but I bed to differ...

I have been looking into getting the Nook by Barnes and Nobles or the Kindle by amazon. The reason I want one is for many reasons. One I buy way to many planners in a year, two I dont have like an MP3 player that really works... I have an old old old I pod but can not even find it and if I linked it to my new computer anyways I would lose all my stuff. and I do not have a laptop.

So I was wanting to get the Nook color when my sis in law had one and I fell in love with it. Its basically a tablet, like an I pad but mainly for book reading. The only problem was books were cheaper with the kindle... you know amazon? Typically everything from them is like dirt cheap. so anyways I was looking into all this stuff and finally realized that I would rather have the nook color than a normal kindle. The kindle is ONLY for book reading and does not offer anything else.... so I had made up my little old mind about it and have been saving.... but

Look what came out on Amazon:  The Kindle Fire

and now I am so confused! I was so sure I wanted the nook color but the kindle fire for one looks better, is from amazon whom I love and books are cheaper! It really solves my problem I had in the beginning...

But I can not see one until I buy one because for one thing they do not come out until November and Amazon is only online...

GRR what do I do?

ha well I have time but this is going to be on my mind this week end for sure!

The nook: 250.00  Kindle Fire: 199.00

Just seeing that I probably will end up getting the kindle fire... but we shall see I need to read some reviews after its on the market!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

In the center of my table:

 There is this shiny pumpkin, and some ripped up books...
 Some fake berries and a green table runner...

 I love Jane Austen... just so you know I have three Pride and Prejudices... so its ok that I sacrificed one...

and to see the table in action:
 Robert made a fancy dinner for us and the coopers last sunday... I had to take a pic cause it was sooo cute!

I can probably never say enough how entirely happy I am to have my own place again!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So yes a Lamp my latest project is this ugly lamp my husband loves. I got this cute white shad at bed bath but it still was not working...

I figured the only thing to do would be to paint the base seeing as that is what I hate about it...

80's -ish....

So I wanted to paint it gray...

So very easy.... I used Tempra paint and after washing the vase just brushed it on!

tada! new lamp that both husband and wife like.


 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Prov. 3:5–6.)

So I have had a ton of time to think lately... all those long drives to and from work make an impact on me. I can either listen to talk radio or I can think.

Its funny how different the day is when I silently drive. Today I turned the noise of the world off it made such a difference in my day! I am a planner. By nature I plan plan plan. The main reasoning behind it is I like knowing what to expect. as my mom put it:

"You do not do well with change"

and this was not mean! This is so true! I am so glad she told me! I did not even realize this about me! But that is why I plan, I like to be prepared.

But you know being prepared can only go so far, then faith and trust need to come in. I have faith, but I need more I realized.

For instance I received an answer to a prayer one year ago. I did not like the answer and sense then I have been trying to find ways around it.


I did not even know I was doing it until robert told me LAST NIGHT and something in my brain clicked...

When God answers you, when he tells you something its not like I can find a better route its not like I can figure out something he knows not... how stupid! ha good thing is I was not doing the consciously, I was not really realizing what I was doing until yesterday.

Faith and trust is all its about. Being able to say look Heavenly Father I know you know best, I put my life in your hands...
and I thought I had been doing that, but I was not 100 % I was still looking for a loop hole... ha

thinking about it now I think its so silly.. but we are all here learning and perfecting ourselves...

So today I thought about it and realized again that God had blessed me so abundantly already, when I have in the past put my faith and trust in him did he lead me astray? did he not help me?

NO WAY he helped me, he paved the road, gave me the horse and buggy and said go down here, you may get cold, but here is a blanket, it may rain but here is an umbrella....


Its good to know that my life is in his hands, to know that he is my heavenly father and he loves me, watches out for me and helps me. Trials come. I sure do know that. But with God at my side why should I fear?

Trials... in all honestly I am grateful for them. I am stronger this year than last because of them. I am developing more and more as the years pass by each new challenge will mold me into the person I am to be, the person that God saw in me from day one.

I feel good about this. I will trust, have faith and not lean unto my own understanding. I will realize that I got my answer, it may not be the same for everyone but its mine and its what God wants so I will do it.

"I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." -1 nephi 3:7

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Mess... but...Victory at last!

So, I have been on the hunt for a wreath for a long while I found at target for like $40.00. Knowing I could not explain the reasoning behind buying something for mere decoration for that price to the husband I realized I would just have to do with out....

I swear they have been haunting me! like on facebook, pinterest and every BLOG that has up decor!

My sister in law has a cute blog and on Fridays has a guest post! Now it just so happened that she had a guest post about making the wreath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow all signs were leading me to get my hands on one.

So I started the process. Pinterest has so many cute ideas but I needed to know HOW it works. It was way more simple than I thought. I did mine a little different but I like to make things my own.

You can look at the link to where I got my how-to on this blog.

So first I needed to figure out colors. I wanted to be able to use the wreath for Thanksgiving too if I wanted, that way I could explain to the husband why I was doing it... lol. Men for some reason do not understand buying things for decoration... but when its all done Robert LOVED how the house looked when I decorated for Halloween so... I think that men (or my husband for instance) does not know what he wants. anyways turned out I was bored on Saturday evening at midnight (I know I should have been in bed) But I could not sleep so, I spent two hours creating my masterpiece... lol

first they say to get a wicker wreath.. I did not have that but I did have boxes laying around my house still from the move.

so I cut out of a cardboard box a circle. then cut out the center.

I did not have a fancy whole punch that cut in a perfect circle... but I did have scissors

so I cut out one circle and use it as a guide for the rest.

I did not have cool crafty paper... but I had some small pieces of paper in yellow and orange, and a book I did not need...

so I used those.

and luckily I had a hot glue gun. SO I got to work.

I soon realized that this project would quickly take me all night to make, those cones were time consuming.... and by the time I make like 50 I was done... (my short attention span) So I modified it. I cut strips of paper from a book and hot glue gunned them all around the wreath. I added a few cones to look like flowers here and there. Then found some extra shoe lace in black and tied some cute bows. Then I had some berries from my Halloween decor and added them.
Last but not least I hung over it a Halloween Sign I got from the dollar store a while ago...

and in two hours I had a wreath.

its not one you will find in a store...
its a little bit different than many...
but its mine. and it was FREE.

so I love it. and husband does too.

and now I am no longer haunted by those wreaths...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HELLO! its called SHOPPING!

 This watch is hot... we all know it.

 all shoes listed above will just some day have to be MINE.

 for the home... "future"


and the amazing shoes... wow fun night!

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