Friday, November 30, 2012

"No more will sin and sorrrow grow"

 Its that time again wonderful beautiful Christmas time!

Oh how much I love this time of year. I have been busy as usual and have not been able to update like I like to on here. But that being said I am so excited for the season.

I am so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ for the Atonement. I have no idea who I would be without it. (kinda glad I do not know)

Christmas reminds me of Love. It shows me how much love a father can have for each of his children. Heavenly Father loves us sooooo much that he sent his only begotten son to save us all.
Now that is amazing.

I am so grateful for heavenly father and his incredible love. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.

At this amazing time of year please try and remember the gift given so long ago, but is offered to us still.

A gift you could not get on black Friday even if you tried,
a gift you do not need to wait in line for,
don't need to drive to the store,
don't need to shop online,
you don't have to worry about paying too much,
you cant wrap it in green or red paper,
or put it in a shinny bag under the tree,

Its the wondrous and glorious gift of eternal life.

I don't know about you, but I plan on using that gift everyday for the rest of my life, cause I want to see my Father again, and while wrapping my arms around him with tears in my eyes I want to thank him for it and never stop.

And I want to touch the prints of the nails in the hands and feet of my brother, my savior Jesus Christ, the one who feels all I feel who knows what its like. I want to wrap my arms around him and cry that he had to endure all that pain and cry with pure happiness that he did it, because he saved me. He saved us all.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

He is my best friend

Hey. I just have to say that Robert and I have been through some hard Three past years. Suddenly the clouds have parted and we are on the up side of things.


Getting through trials makes me happy. I understand they are for my benifit even if they are hard and I wish I could just punch someone in the face... But I know that would not really make me feel any better so... anyways:

After times of trial and hardship when things go well... completely and PERFECTLY well you can not help but smile all day long or jump up and down for joy like a kid in a toy store.

While life;rest assured will have more trials ahead I am glad for this break. Things seem to be falling RIGHT into place. And when that happens there is no were to look but up... and I mean like literaly up; to heaven.

Because when things keep falling perfectly into place thats when you can get reassured that all the CRAZY hard times were for a reason, and that FINALLY you understand. You understand why all that CRAZY had to happen.

In any case I am grateful for my bad days because I know they made the good ones all that much sweeter. Glass half full? Well don't mind if I do.

Anyways so I am just so grateful for the one person who stood by me through all the hard times. All the times I screamed: I GIVE UP!
and all those times I cried feeling overwhelmed and useless. I thank the one person who surrounded me with love through it all. The one person who knows me better than I know me.

No not Robert, although he is next on the Thank you's list.

My Dear Father in heaven.

He is my best friend.

I am sooooo soooo incredibly lucky to know who he is, to understand who I am to him.
He makes me so happy. I am so glad I can talk to him and tell him how good or bad my day was even whine on occasion (who am I kidding? I am a whiner lol) I am grateful for faith love and hope in my life. I can not express in words exactly how I feel. I am just so HAPPY. I am so happy and life is so good!

I thank my Heavenly father for everything I have. He has taught me so much and helped me so much. He has done everything for me. He is incredible and I praise his name forever. I know he loves me, I know he lives, I know his son died for me so that I may someday live with all my family again.

this happiness is always there inside me, but I have just been feeling so overwhelmed lately with happiness I feel like I can not handle any more happiness, it would just be too much! :)

anyway I am sure you all really are done with me so here are some pics Rob and I took for our Christmas cards... years ago we did this and never sent them because my sister said: "When is the wedding?" haha very funny I get it not kids. But we are still a family even if we just have us too. Who am I kidding? JUST? no, we are a family. No JUST about it.

I got this cool picture frame at a Davis ward swap and it was AWESOME.

We wanted to go to some cool places in Davis but we did not have time so we stuck to our park... and they turned out good I think.

This one (above) is my favorite.

And there you have it: The Eshbaughs. We rock cause we took these pics ourselves.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Overwhelmed with happy

So today was pretty stressful and busy.

My day started early with a photo shoot of a couple families.

Then three hours later the same. While I am tired and need a break now I am so happy I was able to photograph those special moments.

I can honestly say I feel so blessed to even have my own business let alone people who like my work.
I recently created a new site and with it spruced up some stuff with it I took some time to write out an "about me" tab.

I sat down and just typed the first things that came to my mind...

I remembered the very first photography job I ever did. I did not even know what was happening... meaning I did not know they were wanting me to take their pics. and from that photo shoot on a light bulb went off in my head:

"Hey you could do this" then I thought: "Ya I WILL do this!"

and it all started.

 like I said, lately I have been have job after job and I feel so darn blessed! I LOVE to do this stuff! Absolutely love it!

All that aside I finally came up with a price sheet. I have been struggling with making one. I feel like its too fun to charge people! But it also is a lot of hard work and time.

So while my prices are SUPER low I am happy and excited to say that my quality is SUPER high.

This journey has been crazy and insane and wonderful. It is funny what God makes happen for you to bless you in more ways than just one.


I remember when Robert and I were trying to find a photographer years ago. We were so sad that we could not afford all the high prices they charge. We finally asked a friend to take our engagements and another to do our wedding. We chose people who we knew were talented and gave them a shot.

I am happy to say that the end result was that we were more than pleased.

I feel like Photography while it is stressful and takes sooo mmuucchh TIME I feel like I have to charge low prices for the people like me of the world.


So my photography will always have the super cheap packages or the discounts even if or when my prices go up. Because I do not want to let one job go by.

 because it completes me...(ya I know weird I do not know how else to say it with deep meaning... lol)





And these are the people I got to hang out with today, to take pictures of them, talk to them have fun.
I am so blessed.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Better late then never...Peter

It's no lie, I love Halloween. This year while going over with Robert what we could be this year all sorts of crazy ideas came up. All of which had me not being anything girly girl... and that would be a first for me... WEIRD.

When Robert said he would agree to being Peter Pan and tights and all... I just had to be Captian Hook you bet your life I made that happen.

I tried over and over again to get him to let me be tink or wendy but... as you can see that did not happen... and its all good I loved my costume.

Costumes: made from thrift stores and Hobby lobby and Good Will.

Robert and I had a blast at our ward Trunk or Treat. We had a photo booth set up on stage. Captain Hook and Peter Pan working together... Let's just say some kids were afraid of me...

and also a heard a parent explaining to her child that sometimes people like to dress up as the "Bad guys" lol

I told that little girl that I repented, and that currently I am the good captain hook who forgave peter pan for getting my had cut off by the crock...

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Who am I kidding?



Its too much work.

Maybe one day but right now I am keeping it open. .  . to everyone.

 what-evs if you think I am Cray Cray

One of the things about me, you now realize is I change my mind as often as I change my clothes (and I change my cloths a LOT)

So I am thinking currently: why private? anyways while you are thinking all kinds of thoughts about me, about how annoying/weird/fickle I am just remember I never asked you to read this, its your choice... ha Lol jk ( lots of love to you all)

anyways This weekend I hosted my FIRST baby shower! It was sooo much fun to have all these lovely ladies at my house! I love our apartment its sooo perfect to entertain.


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