Wednesday, April 25, 2012

messy place... my husband has been here...

This happens when you husband studies every night till like 3 am
for school/ MCAT
EMPTY cups, wrapers

food, left out.
I guess at one point the studying stopped for a little and they played boggle (red thing)


Food, spinach, yeup its so good we love it lately.

and his crazy books... interesting.

On Sunday Robert asked me to make some flash cards for him. I never realized how much I hated writing flash card until I did it on Sunday. Why? I dont know is it because I had to sit still? Cause I had no idea what I was writing? Was is because there was so much? No idea but I did it, for Robert.

SO I am counting down the days till the MCAT is over. 3 days people. That is gonna rock. My house can be clean again and orderly. and Books can be put away. No more late studying nights and no more STRESS. He leaves for Oregon on Friday and takes the test Saturday.

This is exciting and intense. No matter what happens it will all be for a reason. We will be fine as long as we always trust in the Lord.

But to put is simply, I am super stressed. I am forgetting everything! and I know my work week, which has been annoying and crazy is not helping. sometimes I just wish it can be two years from now and I can move the the next phase of my life. I realized yesterday that I have been working for 8 years. 8 wow. thats crazy.

Some people say that when you are a stay at home mom you get bored and that its not a real job but thats the most real job their is and i can not wait to join the group of amazing mothers out there.

In a world where you can be anything... be yourself,
That is what I intend to do. Be me, Kayla Ann. So this part of my life is only for a moment soon it will be gone and I will wish for it back. One of these days I will think back to the times when lived on our own in Davis and Rocklin and think how fun it was, to have so many options ahead of us, when life was a mystery.

I am trying to enjoy the journey, god is helping me with that. I learn patience and I learn about trust. I have learned that I am capable of so many more things than I ever thought possible.

Every day is an incredible gift. I am so grateful for my life I have for the air I have to breath, for two eyes that see for a beating heart two arms and legs.

So, this is all kinda jumbled sorry but I have a ton of random thoughts. Anyways the husband is taking the MCAT somehow I kinda thought this day would never come and here it is.

and what do I say to life and uncertainty? I say:

"BRING IT ON" and then I laugh. out. loud.

Monday, April 23, 2012

family time...a week ago

Family. They are the friends we first had in life, and the ones that will last forever.

My mom with her humor, oh how I love it.
My dad and how we talk for hours
My sisters and in laws how much we are so different... I love it.
My brothers, my in laws too, what strong men they are of mind and body. How much they mean to me.
My husband. Our love.
our niece and nephew.
these are the moments that last a life time:
times we laughed till we cried
sitting out on that back porch on that cool California spring Easter night.
playing games
pushing swings
picking up babies to calm them down
giggling for hours
eating candy till our stomachs hurt.
staying out side till the crickets chirp
 and the birds and babies fall asleep.
Just sitting and looking at the moon not saying a word...

This is what families do.

I thank my Heavenly Father every day for mine.

Tonight's Dinner is brought to you by...

my sister makes these really pretty flower clips.

Here is the outside of my apartment. Soon to come is my tour. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whats a home?

Coming soon by request an apartment tour...

What I ate this week.../weekend

I actually took more pics than normal of the food I made this week.

I like to make some stuff up, and well it turns out I can make something out of nothing... AWESOME.

This weekend:
robert Mcat studying like CRAZY! + me reading and writing like crazy+dishes+home teachers+church+family time+ friend time+dinner/lunch/breakfast making +sushi+clash of the titans+2books read.

busy? YES.

only 6 days till my hub takes the MCAT pray hard people! and wish me luck its STRESS out TIME at the Eshbaugh's... :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

I-80 Gunman

(ha ha did my nail last night hecka intense.)

So today while driving to work the radio was all: If you are trying to pass through or get to sacramento turn around now, your not gonna make it. then a moment later bumper to bumper traffic! for 3 HOURS. I finally (after being forced to turn around the way I came) Made it home a little before 11. UGH. So I had to call my work to let them know right? Well of course on the day bringing my phone would have been handy I forgot it at home. So I stop off somewhere at a gas station ask if I can use someones phone call in tell them I am gonna be there as soon as I can. My manager says just come in after 1:30PM I say ok.

So I finally get home listen to the radio for news update cause we dont have tv. Finally around 1:20PM I find out the highway is opened. So I get out to drive. TRAFFIC>

by this point I would have been at work at like 2:45pm worked till 5:30 then gone on right back home through that MESS again.

Luckily my boss understood and I turned around.

What a crazy day.
and all because someone decided to rob a store steal a  car and shoot at police. Well dude your in a ton of trouble, but I bet you didnt think about the "People" and about how you messed up their Friday, or how I am ever going to manage this next month without a full pay check from missing work today. No I am sure you could care less.

Could care less I waited in Traffic for 3 hours and how my tank went from being full to having a quarter tank GONE. I am sure you could care less that I was freaking out you may just happen down where we were stop and shoot at us? huh? well.

Just so you know I cared and so did the hundreds and hundreds of people who were effected by your little endeavor today.

So to you gunman, I hope they find you because you really wasted a TON of money today.

 on a happier note I did get my hair cut yesterday and after work I styled it all fancy like from this girls blog tutorial, who I follow every day she is so awesome.

 and these are just some of the happy/sad/anger faces I showed today...

then now at home being useless I got bored.

This one is for that one person who said I never smile in pics. There is a reason. Simply put I look stupid.

But hey I am happy so there you go. My smile. My parents spent hundreds on.

Thanks mom and dad,

and NO thanks to you Gunman... your a idiot.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Outside In + other things lately


Just loving the fact this weekend is sunny + wonderful.
Loving bringing a little bit of the outside Inside.
Loving buying glass vases at the .99 cent store with my mom
Loving my dark eye make up
loving the 1.00 dollar black + silver nailpolish I picked up.
Loving thrift store shopping and scoring:
2 shirts,
1 sweat shirt +
3 belts for 27.00 dollars.

Loving the new zebra kitchen plate set I found at the .99 cent store
Loving my new candle sticks and holders found at the .99 cent store.

Loving watching the husband study hard core the the MCAT that he is taking in 2 weeks!
Loving waking up next to my husband in the morning.
Loving making strawberry waffles for breakfast.

I love this weekend.


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