Monday, December 19, 2011

Lights... December 19

aww... The Joy of the Christmas lights.
My family and I had a blast looking at three set of neiborhood lights this year...
We were frozen after but thats nothing
some hot chocolate cant cure!

Cinderellas castle? Well it was close and this was rob trying to take a good pic...

Heres to spending ten minutes just staring at my Christmas Tree
heres to watching robert do the dishes! YAY! he took a turn!
heres to Christmas music on my long drive to and from work
I love you radio station that plays all Christmas music

and heres to almost having a break from work
and all the CRAZY

6 days till santa will be down my chimney... although we dont have one so I guess santa will be using the window.
Dont worry Santa I will leave it unlocked

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I want for Christmas...Day 14

I know I know I know~

I am bad bad bad

Probably on Santas naughty list now.

I TOTALY have been slacking but i have an excuse!

Number one (and all the numbers)
MY HUSBAND IS BACK AKA no SCHOOL and I have been able to cuddle on the couch with hot coco squeeze a seven foot Christmas tree into our small Toyota corolla

 start deckin out our tree

eat Thai Food

 go shopping and buy a HUGE Queen Chess piece(super random I know). Dress my husband in all the latest fashions... haha Decking the halls of my home... Dumpster diving... (Or more like beside the dumpster)

I have been on a roll.

But my most favorite part about life right now:


Hey baby how about you always stay around?
oh whats that we are married?
Your mine!

Santa thanks for granting my Christmas wish early this year!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Eight

The little guy

For our primary kids...
what you will need:

glue gun
more time
wooden spools
and balls

and whalla:

A manger scene...

Happy Christmas Harry!

oh um I mean
Merry Christmas!

(if you got that your amazing)

only....17 more days to go!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December seven

inexpensive holiday decor is what I am all about!

You put all three things together and you get...

A cheap Christmas Garland....

and my dear friends that is correct!

Only 18 days till SANTA WILL BE COMIN' TO TOWN!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December six...

When life gives you lemons...

 Find oranges instead...

today was one of those days I want to wipe off my memory...

I am so drained
I need my husband back!

During the Christmas season my mom would always tell us the story of the Christmas Orange.
Ever sense Christmas and Oranges just go together.

go to this link to get the story

Merry Christmas!

Only 19 days till!!

What is your favorite Christmas story?

Monday, December 5, 2011

December five...Glass jars, weeds and orange leaves

 Manual mode...

Oh how much I love you!

 My parents backyard is a masterpiece in all seasons I just LOVE to photograph it.

Cali is sooo strange... Its December but it looks like fall still...

NATURE can you please catch up!!!
The husband is almost done with finals!
I am working on my book
watching christmas movies
and drinking hot coco!

Only 20 days till Christmas!!!!!!

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