Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All hail...

and it was crazy loud.

A bright and sunny Sunday... gone cold.

Monday, March 26, 2012

One Lucky girl

This was sitting on the table when I came home.
Someone loves me
I wonder who?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


 Turns out Abe Lincoln left his mark in Davis...

I just have to say that vampire / Abraham Lincoln movie looks so stupid.
I mean PLEASE come on people.
stop it.
enough of the Vampires already.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Black Bird Black Bird sitting on my roof top...


I know hearing the birds chirpin' in the mornin' is suppose to be all wonderful but hey I need my rest! dude.

with love,
the owner of the rooftop you sit upon,
Kayla Ann

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome... to the Blogging game! ;)

HEY! I got tagged in a blogging game! Super fun!
heres how it works:

1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them.

yea I just got out of the shower... :)

11 randoms:

1.When my husband proposed to me I said: "Yeaaah?" at first because while I knew he was the one, I could not believe it was happening... it was too wonderful I was so SHOCKED. (but I did say yes after.)

2. I collect vinyl records. spent 3 bucks last Saturday on my collection. I love my record player.

3. I know the Thriller dance. by M.J.

4. I like candle sticks... and want an old fashioned oil lamp for my home, my grandma has one sitting in her window if I remember correctly and I always loved looking at it when we went to L.A. as a child.

5. I love to use water color to paint the California coast line like my grandpa does.
(I always wanted to be as good an artist as him)

6. I have a Brown thumb. I kill every plant.

7. I love black and white pictures better than color! 
it may have something to do with my film photography class... it was only pure black and white... and I learned how to love how people first used to take pictures. 
someday I will have my own DARK ROOM. (even if it is in my bathroom I am having one)

8. My favorite book of all times is not a classic and its written for children. But I read it EVERY year without fail: Ella Enchanted (the movie sucks people don't watch it)

9. What I want more than anything in this world is to be with Robert forever... and to have a little boy or girl call me Momma.

10. I have a hard time throwing things away...

11. I have never in my entire life written in the same Journal from cover to cover. I always lose it and buy a new one or get bored of the old one and buy a new one. but then I start to like the old Journal again I write in it...so all my journals are crazy confusing in dates You think its from a certain time in my life than... WAM! its two years later... see? I am crazy. Sorry future generations its gonna be hard figuring me out.

Bronson bloopers Questions for me:

1. How would you describe your style?
I do not think I could summarize it easily but... Basically I buy what I like, wear what looks good. I am obsessed with a few things: 
I LOVE flow-y LONG skirts...ahhh amazing. I also love layering and I love LONG necklaces that dangle... obsessed with lockets... I love pearls and Camios. I LOVE ANIMAL PRINT. I love sweaters and jackets...long ones too... I love wearing boots tucked into my blue jeans and I love sparkly things and bows...I also like corduroy and never think that should go out of style...BELTS AWESOME. BIG EARRINGS more awesome. I like wearing black. Also brown and green (earthy colors). Also I love the country look to a degree... like prairie dresses and sun dresses with boots... and the beach look...I have the beach in my blood.(seriously)hehe.

 So I am a:
 hippy-vintage-bootwearin'-fancy dressin'-prairie dressin-beach girl.

My style: it's complicated.

2. How did you start blogging?

Well I thought hey I want to start scrap booking again...keep a picture journal of mine and Robert's life... and well I am a newly married poor working lady... so I can not afford to print all my MANY pictures... also I have a TON of family far away so figured maybe they would want to know what I was up to! :) 

3. Are you reading any good books right now? 

This is a good question... When am I not?
lol I recently got the nook for Christmas and I am obsessed with it. Books are sooo cheap! Don't get me wrong I totally would rather have a paper book but again... cheap is an important part of my life right now lol... one day I dream of having a slice of the library Bell has in beauty and the beast... hehe
anyways I just finished reading:
Eona its the last book in a two book series.
Its pretty good... I love... love so, naturally its one of those.
its kinda a Mulan type book if you know what I am saying. But I am totally obsessed with a series I read months ago just waiting for the other books to come out:
look it up people its amazingly addicting... but yea I am a sucker for love triangles... so maybe that's why I love it. And its an easy read made for teens... but thats another confession.
I like those books. Cause to  simply put it: Their cute and warm my soul.
but you always gotta love the classics... 

4. Have you ever been to Disney Land?

Yes twice when I was four and can only remember being super TIRED and being carried by my daddy and then again when I was 18 for my senior trip !
AWESOME> wanna go with the husband...

5. What is your favorite comfort food?

So I normally HATE chocolate/ sweets in general. 
Yes I was blessed...
But when you know its that time... of the you know...
I am obsessed with Nutella...
 I find myself eating a spoonful and then move on to two...
seriously its bad guys...
(Joyce you did this to me... lol)

6. Would you prefer Target or Walmart?

Ok Target all the way.
But I have to say...
 there's nothing like walking into Walmart at 1 Am in my pajama pants... 
with no judging eyes.
 getting a movie in the 5.00 bin with the hubby cause we wanna cuddle and fall asleep...

 Target while your better to shop at
(you have better stuff)...
I have fond memories of Wally mart...
Your not open at 1AM for our random adventures...
and I just cant bring myself to wear my pajama pants in your store...
you just seem too high class for that.

7. What color is your tooth brush?


8. Have you seen any good movies lately? 

I finally WATCHED (yes not read)

Wuthering Heights
the like four hour long one... It was good.

9. What is the last thing you cooked in the microwave?

Chef Boyardee Raviolli

10. Are you a cat or dog person and why?

I actually don't know. Growing up my Daddy hated dogs and my sister loved cats. I always wondered what it would be like to have one as a pet.
but when we moved in with my mother in law she had two cats and a dog.
I hated that dog because it pooped on everything and would bite 
(I was told it was not trained well)
but the furry black fat cat She was so cute.

I just don't like hair all over the place.
and I am a germ freak
so cats clean themselves while dogs... you know slobber
so maybe a cat person?
but then again I probably should not have a large animal like that. a "serious pet"
because every animal I own dies.
two mice
a bird
and many many fish

I'll have to wait a see!

11. What is the most drastic thing you have ever done with your hair?

I have had loooong hair for ever. 
But like one-two? years ago I cut it all off for an A-line cut,
I needed to see what I looked like with one!
  before that I had only ever been blonde... and I died it dark brown.
Lets just say I am suppose to be a blonde 
and have long hair.
I was not a fan.
Short hair= not for me.

If I tagged you... Here are your questions!:

1. How old were you when you first thought you were in love with someone?

2. What is your favorite season?

3. Whats your favorite thing to do when you have "alone time"?

4. What is your favorite flower?

5.  Where was your first kiss?

6. What influences your style?

7. What do you love most about the man you married?

8.  What was your favorite movie growing up? You know 
the one you ALWAYS wanted to watch. (t.v show works if you are stumped)

9. If you had to choose between skirts or pants for the rest of your life what could you not live with out? Pants? or Skirts? and why?

10. what is your favorite accessory to wear. (earnings ... bracelet... that kind of thing) and why.

11. How did we first meet?


have fun!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


What is the big deal about the word yes?


  [yes]  Show IPA ,adverb, noun, plural yes·es,verb, yessed, yes·sing, interjection
(used to express affirmation or assent or to mark theaddition of something emphasizing and amplifying a previousstatement): Do you want that? Yes, I do.
(used to express an emphatic contradiction of a previouslynegative statement or command): Don't do that! Oh, yes I will!
(used, usually interrogatively, to express hesitation,uncertainty, curiosity, etc.): “Yes?” he said as he opened thedoor. That was a marvelous show! Yes?
(used to express polite or minimal interest or attention.)


an affirmative reply.

So Yes is kinda important right?
heck YES it is. hehe

anyways so why am I talking about it?

Well Today 5 years ago Robert asked me a question. A very important question. One that would effect my ENTIRE LIFE.

I was eighteen.

I was standing on a pedestal, in a park. blind folded.

when I could see, I saw the man I wanted looking back at me with a box in his hand.

Soon I would open that box and find a diamond ring. 

and the man I loved would get down on one knee like I always dreamed he would.

He would tell me that he loved me that he wanted me forever. He would say my full name.

He would tell me how he asked my daddy's permission and he had said yes.

My dad said YES?... I froze what was happening? Was I in another dream? It seemed too perfect to be real life.  

Was I really about to get married? Really? Was I really going to wear that ring on my ring finger?

I had waited all my life for a diamond ring to be on that finger.

all my life to fall in love.

all my life to love someone.

Was I ready? Did he really want me?

He smiled. I could barley see anything and I had already answered through all my frantic thoughts.

but I did not say yes. The way I always dreamed I would. 

I did not throw my hands around his neck and scream YES YES YES! and kiss him over and over again. 

No, I did not do that.

I fell to the floor without feeling the drop seemed so long as I said: "Yeaaah?" I was on the ground panting and crying. He smiled and kissed me. He showed me the ring but I did not want to even look at it.

But Robert knew me.

This was not happening,I thought as he smiled so wide. Then all the sudden ROBERT flooded through my mind.

I remembered those days his white car would be parked outside my house as I walked home from school...

I remembered the feeling of talking with him till my cheeks were blue.

I remembered driving with the music on way to loud screaming at the top of my lungs in his car.

I remembered tears of disappointment I was crying as he frowned and wiped them off my face. 

I remembered him holding my hand under the pillow so my daddy would not see.

I remembered how he would do everything for me. How he was everything to me

I remembered how he smiled so bright even in the darkest night

I remembered how we kissed that night under the stars and how he would not stop

I remember how I fell head over heels

I remembered how his hand in my feels... perfectly right.

I remembered those letters he would write and how they made me able to sleep at night

I remembered everything...

I remembered the whole I felt in my heart while he was away. I never wanted him not to stay.

I remembered talking about life and love.

I remembered how he taught me it was ok to love, to give my heart away, and that he would not break it.

I remembered screaming and yelling in the parking lot.

I remembered smiling at him from across the room...

I remembered everything...

Like the way he loves to sing in the car
the way he loves to drink soda all the time...
the way he walks
the way he talks
and how he stands
the way he is when he comes home
the way he seems to always know everything...

The way he gets me every time
the way he knows me, better than I know me.
the way he laughs at his own jokes
the way he understand how I am
the loooong way he drags out a story
the way he loves with all his heart
the way he is not afraid to cry
the way he protects me all the time
the way he has so much energy

the way he looks at me and smiles just right that gives me those butterflies
the way he lifts my chin to steal a kiss
the way he does hand stands on the carpet
the way he always held those large water bottles and took them everywhere
the way he still does that.

Then I looked up at that man down on one knee...

 and all my fears drained away they were gone. 
This was Robert. 
Not some boy I had dreamed up when I was a little girl.
 I knew him, I loved him he was my everything, 
this was Robert and I would always say yes to him.

 So I stood up and smiled so wide even as I cried 
I said YES! YES YES!
 I through my arms around him and kissed him, over and over again.

He smiled and held me tight we took pictures in the star light

(Taken after I said yes)

then he took me home to tell my parents that We were getting married.

I was getting married. On March 17th 2008 I found out I was getting married.

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