Friday, July 27, 2012



As the count down begins for the release of my book I will be posting updates on my site. There is a blog on the website for information directly pertaining to my book. Seeing as you all read about my life and are AMAZING. I wanted to post and advertise it here first. To all my friends. So take a peek tell me what you think and sign up for the mailing list so I can keep you up to date on the count down! I hope you enjoy it! Keep checking in on it, because you will notice over time my website will have some DRASTIC changes as I start to reveal the tittle the cover and more info on my book! A blurb is coming soon so dont miss out!!

Happy friday to you all! :)

Kayla Eshbaugh

click on my name to see the site! :) Thank you all for your LOVE and Support! I NEED IT :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A mess of Photos

Be warned what you are about to see is way too
many pictures of Robert and I

Its four years... There was a lot of stuff to go through...

Six flags for my birthday.. 19

hiking in Auburn... dating...

snow at Christmas time... dating...

Finishing my last FINAL!

we like to hike...

our first Halloween as BF and GF

our first date.

our first christmas as BF GF... we got a tree...

Robert left to go to Japan for a month... while we were dating super hard to be away from him.

the day he proposed.

First pic of the ring...


right after I said yes we took this pic (above)


after marriage... camping with Friends. Our first summer together married!

Old Sac.

Lake Tahoe our first trip together sense our honeymoon!

First V-day! (married) Robert made home made stake in our first Apartment.

 Camping with my family!


Halloween is the best.

apple hill...

thanks giving two years of marriage!

Christmas! Two years! Second one married!

Getting ready for my work Christmas Party

Temple lights! Oakland temple :) Third Christmas!


Valentines day! again! Our second. (kind of out of order sar)


Fourth of July! Our 3rd

3 years!!

after Robert got back from Japan! Gone two weeks... hard!



Valentines day 4th

FOUR years baby I love every moment spent with you.

Sorry A TON of pics but I warned you.

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