Sunday, July 21, 2013


Today I hit the Jackpot. We are house sitting for Roberts mom and I was sad because Roberts baby/kid pictures are kinda no where to be found... and yet I was on the couch and thought I wonder if they could be in this drawer...

Behold! I hit the Jackpot!!! He is soo cute right? Aww and very Asain would you even think any American in there at all? lol.

This was in 2000 right before Freshman year for him! So cute aww!

this is me probably in 2003... ya not too good a comparison but I am not at home...

then I found even awesomer pictures of baby/toddler Robert!

Him and his big sister in this one.

haha this one cracks me up! totally trying to be a gangsta haha or I guess he was getting into trouble? From what I hear he was a trouble maker...

HAHA this happens I guess when your mother or father tell you to "smile" and maybe at that age you just are trying REALLY REALLY hard to smile... I love it. This is Robert, joyce and James siblings :)

and then because I am growing really impatient with seeing my child  I had to do a comparison.

This was the perfect and most fun Sunday activity!

We are total opposites with my blond hair blue eyes and white skin and his tan skin and brown eyes and black hair. We shall see what little baby E will look like, who he will take after and what traits seem more dominate. I am told dark features are more dominate, so Robert may dominate this time :)

and the count down truly begins!! 9 weeks left!!! CRAZY!

Robert takes the MCAT soon so he is studying like a mad man and I? Working just trying to make it through till maternity leave. The third trimester is pretty hard ppl. For reals HARDEST PART. When the baby kicks I mean I feel a KICK its painful sometimes. and the nausia is coming back :( also sleep? WHAT IS THAT? It takes a million years and I woke up crying this morning because I wish I could sleep on my back or my stomach I am soooo excited to be able to do that again!

But I am good. Honestly really good I have a few melt downs but honestly who doesnt? Its hard work growing a baby and I am sure even hard to take care of one. but I look forward to not having so many physical discomforts when the baby comes.


I honestly want it with EVERYTHING. Its weird and Robert is kinda grossed out but what ever it even seems good right now lol.

Pickles its what they say people pickles rock when Prego.

Pizza! (the freezer kind Red Barron to be exact) Why??? I have NO idea and its horrible because after I eat it it gives me acid reflex and I NEVER seem to learn.

Salad MMMM so good and can not get enough we went to olive garden and they have the BEST Italian dressing I had like three helpings... so good

STRAWBERRIES sheesh I can not STOP with them its like I am addicted for reals.

Yogurt ok this one is strange because I HATED yogurt before I was prego LIKE FOR REALS HATED IT. Yogurt made me gag but I LOVE IT now sooooo good.

and thats about it with the cravings.

I love being able to SEE the baby kicking its pretty much amazing. I really do like it, especially if I am not nauseated... lol

We signed up for a birthing class at kaiser and I am kinda so so about that. Robert really wanted to do it so what evs but, I am sure there will be some cool stuff to learn and know.

I kinda just don't wanna know about all the scary stuff that could go wrong cause then I will freak myself out, but everyone tells me I must be prepared so I take a class...

anyways things are good and I have a count down for when baby comes and when I am on maternity leave!

9 weeks for baby
5 weeks for M leave!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

27 Weeks (last week)

I went camping last week. All I have to say is that camping was incredible and I hope to post real pics soon.

I just thought I would update for a second incase anyone was wanting to know I am still alive and kickin... lol

Baby is kicking a TON and I loved being in the forest.

the end.

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