Wednesday, September 11, 2013

38 weeks!

So it was a little late, they say you should go on a vacation in the 2nd trimester but we have had so many things going on so its hard.

Robert graduated then studied like crazy for the MCAT. After he took the MCAT he needed to apply to Medical School and write like 15 essays. And we were moving back to Roseville to be around family while the baby is born.

So life was crazy. Robert also started his new job among all this and we had our phones hacked... UGH we have had so many bumps!

Crazy town over here and the other day I was just like "Robert we need a little vacation just something I am so tired of all this crap that keeps happening."

So I booked a hotel in Tahoe and we stayed there friday night. We spent all saturday there and hung out took a gondola ride and ate sushi! I have been wanting sushi soooo bad! I still can not have the GOOD raw stuff but it was enough to help my craving be satisfied. It was a really good trip and I am so glad we were able to go. I was uncomfortable most of the time but spending so much time with Robert was surely needed.

I just had a doctors appointment yesterday. I have been having HORRIBLE back pain in my lower back like achy dull pain. My mom and myself thought Back labor? but when I was checked im not thinned out and not dilating at all. I was bummed because I was going through so much pain for nothing then it seemed, but honestly this would be a not so good week to have my baby... My niece had her b-day yesterday and my sister was married on this Thursday. Also my mother in law and my mom have september birthdays so I am hoping to bypass them... we shall see! I can not really plan that one. But I would say next week would be the earliest I would want baby to come. So until baby starts making an entrance into the world I am just hanging tight and trying to keep active and busy!

I did have high blood pressure when I went to see the doctor but I explained that I ONLY have high Blood pressure when I am in lots of pain, and I was tired. She looked at my records and confirmed with me that I have never had high blood pressure in the past and that she believed I was right I was just having a bad day.

I was happy she believed me because I did not want to do more lab work! ha. She was thinking preclampsia but I had no protein or anything in my urine and no swelling so I am pretty darn sure I am just tired and in pain.

After we left my mom said if I did have preclampsia then they would have made the baby come, for a moment I wished I had it because I wanted to see my baby NOW! Does anyone else get like this?

I have had a super normal pregnancy, no complications nothing and so I feel like is everything really happening normal in there? I know stupid right? But I have so many friends who have check ups and check ups and get more info than me, but I guess its because I am not having any complications, and that is a GOOD thing I know...

Anyways... its all new to me (obviously) and I am super curious how my body is going to handle labor. Will I need to be induced? Will my water break first? will I go into labor at home and time it and then go to the hospital? Will I go too long and the doctor starts labor? Sheesh what will happen?

I should be more patient, but when you have been doing something for 9 months you kind of get burnt out! you know? and I kind of want to just have my BABY!

So anyways thats what is going on with me... my life and everything. Hoping to say hello to my little son sometime in the next 2 weeks! :)

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