Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 years ago

So on the radio this morning while driving to work they were asking the question:

"What would you tell your self ten years ago?"

So for me, I am turning 24 this month so I would be talking to the 14 year old Kayla.
What would I tell that 14 year old Kayla if I could help her some how hmm?

I thought long and hard about it, but it really interested me, I wanted to answer.

So this is my answer:

Dear 14 year old Kayla,

Hey its me, or you I guess. I (you) made it. You did it. Seriously. Let me tell you it was hard, highschool while being awesome, was also a pain in the butt at times huh? I know those guys in your math class drive you crazy but that will end soon and no you never really get better at math so you should try harder. But I know your real worries: Finding real love. Just remember the story you will read in English your senior year: Pride and Prejudice.  Also, you may wanna take a closer look at Robert, he is not just passing through your life. He is not just there to take you places and buy you things, he is there for you when you really need a friend. He is there when no one else is. He is there for you to cry on his shoulder, to laugh at you when you can't find anything funny. He will be your first kiss, your only love and he will marry you and make you the happiest you have ever been in your entire life.  You won't believe me now, and you sure won't believe him when he tells you in a year but Seriously he has loved you as long as he has known you, and to you he will be EVERYTHING. Those deep brown eyes of his get addicting and his smile is something that you will beg to see everyday. You also wont mind those hand stands and flips he is always doing. Once you dont have that around anymore you will start to see what I mean.

But honestly I'll take out the above paragraph because, there is nothing really to say to you other than be patient and keep doing what you are doing. IT WILL work out, I don't want to give away the awesome surprise to you (14 year old me) because you actually were smart enough, communicated with Heavenly Father and did it all right. Sure there were some bumps, you made mistakes but they made you who you are I know those thoughts: like you thought there was NO WAY you would end up with HIM. You thought there was no way you could find happiness and true love (we are true romantics) But in the end you some how hoped your way into what I have now. Do not do anything different Kayla. It all works out in the end just like every fairy tale you ever wanted to be real. But remember in ever one of those tales times get hard and your faith is tested. You will make it though and you, will get married and get to wear a fancy dress and look all cute. You will be married to a tall dark and handsom husband and you will have a family will live happily ever after with no end.

Love, Kayla

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