Saturday, May 18, 2013

22 weeks-pregnancy

Pregnancy has changed me. For the better. I honestly think it is incredible how I am able to make a baby. Honest. It blows my mind. I am different. I find that I am changing all the time. Someone said there is normal Kayla, and then there is pregnant Kayla. I asked what that means and he said, your more like a lioness. Lol.

Maybe its my motherly instinct to protect Baby E. Maybe it is the truth I want no harm to come to him. Maybe my hormones make me more bold. IDK.

I am different. I went for a walk today. It's pretty darn hot out here in Cali. My swelling body does not like that too much let me tell you. lol.

Today was one of the best Saturday's I have had in a while. I slept in. Ate an amazing breakfast with my dream man. Breakfast burritos. Pinned on Pinterest. Took a nap. Went for a walk took PICTURES for like the first time in FOREVS. (With my actual camera no phone) Edited on my new program.

It was a more lazy and relaxing day but I was not bored for one minute. That has been a hard thing for me. Feeling in the mood for certain things I once loved. Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. I can not believe how fast time has flown. It seems before I know it my little boy will be here.

Here is to hoping we figure out a name soon. Naming a baby is hard and a big deal. We will figure it out but goodness! Hard.

Hope you all have a good week. I have 18 weeks left before I meet my little guy. WOW.

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