Monday, April 29, 2013

19 weeks

Today I saw my baby.
I am convinced the cutest little thing on this planet.And no surprise to me baby was moving ALL over like CRAZY! It was the coolest thing to see the baby kick and squirm.

The coolest moment?
Was when I saw the baby's part. Because that is when I knew what it was.

 have to be honest. I was not expecting a boy. But as I lay on that table with the goop on my belly and the ultra sound machine doing its magic. I looked at that little boy part and tears came to my eyes.

I did not care what my baby was, boy or girl it was mine. Once was Gods but now is mine. I could care less as long at that little baby was healthy.

I always thought I would have a girl first. No real reason but the fact I know someday I will have a girl. I even went so far as to plan mentally for a girl in almost every way. When I went in this morning there was a small doubt in my mind because you see deep down I knew it would be a HIM.


Well last Thursday I had a dream.
Now I have lots of crazy crazy dreams being prego and all. I even had a dream about a teenage daughter talking about drama... weird.

But I only have had one infant dream. it was crazy interesting and cool.

I was taking my baby about a month old or so on a walk outside. Turns out this mommy did not put sunscreen on her baby, and did not put up the visor thing.

I came home crying because my baby was in pain. I came home and Robert was comforting me, the baby was fine just a red head and face :( but I was also sad because the baby inherited my skin :( not roberts. I looked at that little baby boy and was so sad. So sad that little boy was in pain. and at the end of my dream all I wanted to do was to hold that baby and make all the pain go away. I woke up and I just wanted that baby boy. I wanted him.

So after that dream I felt a little empty about a girl. I was confused but empty cause I wanted a boy then and I "knew" it would be a girl.

But today it would seem my dream came true. I got a boy. Not at all what I expected not at all what we thought but it was an incredible and wonderful surprise. 

I want to hold that little boy so bad. and no worries when I really take him out ill be sure to protect him from all dangers, even the sun.

Robert and I could not be happier. We love that boy with all our hearts. Always have always will. I AM SO excited to be a mother. It's so incredible that I get the wonderful blessing of being able to grow a baby inside me and that I will be able to raise this baby. More even wonderful that God chose ME to be his mother, no one else. I was chosen for the job. I will not ever have a more important, or more beautiful work to do. It is uniquely mine. I thank God for this incredible blessing. I thank God that he gave me this baby boy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

18 weeks!/weird pic

ha ok so this pic? well lets just say Rob took a million years and right before this one I was all: "COME ON HONEY I AM TIRED OF STANDING HERE" lol so hence the weird face. But pretty good belly shot?

(I need to stop using my phone!! Its just so easy though!)

here are my likes and dislikes at this point:

-I love love love feeling baby E! It feels as if theres like a goldfish inside me or something but its the coolest thing EVER! It took me a while to realize that was the baby, but I love just laying down after a meal and waiting for the swimmer! Robert gets a little sad cause he wants to feel it too! But soon  enough he will!
-Its kinda fun dressing this tiny bump! Its like still "Is she fat or prego??" But I don't care its fun! I find myself just standing or sitting there holding my belly smiling cause its so crazy and awesome to think there is a living thing in there!
-I love love love love love love love hearing the baby's heart beat! It's super fast so crazy and insane at the same time. I do not know if many mothers feel this way but I still forget I am pregnant sometimes, and Its nice to have my checkups to assure me that YEUP baby E is alive and well!
-Its so fun to talk about baby names aww I love it. I think we finally have a boy name and a girl name picked out!
-I love looking at baby clothes (always have) but not knowing the gender I walk around the girl section and the boy section and think about what they would wear. My kids will have style. Lol.
-I love having a little more energy it gradually happened but I love it.

-Its hard to sleep. :( Sadness. Its so hard I am sleeping on my side and I have always been a belly sleeper. My shoulders are aching and I think its because I am not turning in the night often enough so each shoulder gets pain. This gives me headaches :(
-Its crazy weird parking. I have to think about how close I park to another care. I can not squeeze my way through anymore.
-I take naps all the time. Crazy

Not so many dislikes I am improving! I know making a baby is hard work and not always easy. So its good I can not really complain I am feeling wonderful in comparison to the 1st trimester. Even so great I kinda get scared somethings wrong because I feel normal, or I just plain forget I am prego until my belly gets in the way of something. lol


I AM IN LOVE WITH Salads! O my goodness! heaven! We have this amazing Asian dressing we got at an asian store I am eating it right now and I kid you not HEAVEN. So salad=BFF

I am also loving Strawberry's we got some from the farmers market yesterday and I ate them all (oops) ha.

I have always loved cream cheese but before now could not stomach it. But lately that creamy goodness I eat everyday with a bagel.YUM.

Still no grease! Ew.

No weird cravings really. I try to eat bland things like rice and baked potatoes when my stomach feels a little not so happy on occasion. I can always eat rice or a potato so thats good.

I think thats about it. Robert told me today he could not believe we were halfway there! I forgot that point and got all excited. WAHOO lol. Next week we find out the gender of said little one.

What do you think we are having?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The real 16 weeks pic

At 16 weeks I am loving the no morning sickness deal. Although I get so full I can barely finish a meal lol! Baby must be taking up a lot of space. I seem to be showing more than others do at 16 weeks but the Doc said every body is different and we never know how we will show, she also said each child can be different so we shall see!

Right now for cravings? I want salad ALL THE TIME> I am finally craving the healthy stuff! I tried all last trimester to eat salads and stuff but this baby did not want it. Now anything un-healthy or greasy makes me squirm. lol. So I am grateful we like across the street from trader Joes because they have the best pre-made salad bowls and I have eaten two this weekend. :) I am also THIRSTY like CRAZY at work Friday I had so much water I felt like I have to pee every ten minutes lol.

I feel like I am finally getting comfortable with this little belly of mine growing. I finally bought some real maternity stuff and WOW so amazing! Now I can not go back!

I get to find out on the 29th what I am having! I am so excited! I hope baby E will let us see!

I am real happy lately. It's been nice that Robert has less stressful classes this semester. He really is my superman. I mean even last semester he was but I feel like he has more time now. Anyways he has been getting up with me in the mornings before I head to work. I feel like my days are better when I get to have some human interaction. Also I am not a morning person so its nice to see him. He made me breakfast all this week. He is so sweet.

I know he cares about me and the baby. It is hard sometimes because all this is happening to me, my body, not him so when he is there for me it is so nice I feel like I am not in this alone, and that at least he wants to help me and cares. I do not know what I would do without him!

Sorry my posts are so lame. I have been lazy cause I have been so tired. Some time I will add more pics.

this is a mug a coffee cup of course I do not use it for coffee. But its a camera lens! how cool is that? There have been pics of it floating around FB and all and randomly I show up at home with one! Robby got it for me. Super awesome!

hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

16 weeks

Sorry this pic is from my phone. But hey! I am growing and by me I mean my baby. This is me at 15 weeks, although right now I am actually at 16 weeks.

Just thought I was due for an update.

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