Sunday, January 29, 2012

Iron on secret weapon

Hey all so its been a while seeing as I have been sick I was not able to show any interior decor as of late.
and this week for relief society they want us to bring in our "secret" something we use we LOVE.
My secret is iron on tape. Its my life saver when I do not have time to pull out the sewing machine, and can get any hem job done. Here is my "secret" weapon in action.

I have been looking for some fabric to make curtains in my room but have come up empty handed.

We were showing our apartment to my sister and brother in law this weekend and I hated that the window was soooo darn bare. So with a little creativity a whole bunch can be done.

and here it is people my "Free" Curtains... (Only free cause I had everything already mind you)

Of course its temporary but I thought hey maybe someone needs a quick fix.
and maybe hopefully someone is as too busy with work and life like me and needs to make curtains in ten minutes

so to you who ever you are
I understand that your busy, I am too
also your need of curtains and cute things (what girl does not want cute things???)
so this is for you

Good luck.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

We had visitors


 The Krebs came over! :)

We had Mexican Pizza and watched Beauty and the Beast

Jackson looked at everything...

My bedroom... slowly getting put together...
I am close but still far away it seems...
See the pile of clothes back there? YES we need a dresser...

He is so cute and he loved jumping on our bed

Our bed with my two new night stands :) piece by piece this room is coming together...


Thanks Krebs for coming LOVE YOU ALL
This weekend...
I took some pics
Via the bathroom mirror
it was
Do you like my bath towels?
They add just the right touch in these pics dont you think?

 On a random side note... This is my favorite soup EVER
and if you look closely in this pic you will see:
My nook I read everyday... OBSESSED? YES
Apple Cider packets= womens best friend
Pencil cause they rock DUH anything that lets you erase mistakes like they never happened is my hero
and my soup because that is just amazing.

See yall hope you have a great weekend.
Im off to warm me up some soup.
MISO style

Friday, January 27, 2012


I do not care what anyone says. True love is ONLY found in marriage. My parents taught me that through there's

They are still in love after five kids three weddings and two missions.......
and they will always be in love.

I am so glad my parents taught me what love is

Because I can not wait for Robert's and I first baby second third fourth fith and sixth. I can not wait for our little boys to serve missions and our little girls to fall in love

I can not wait to go camping with them
teach them to talk
teach them to walk

Teach them about God

I can not wait to experience all the many levels of true love. I only have one level of true love right now but I look forward to many many many more.

Here's to lovers!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


 Sometimes I think I am yeller
 Robert and I love Akebono Its an amazing Japanese place...

 This is curry and its amazing. the breaded stuff is breaded pork equally delish.
 SO funny story  I asked more like suggested to Robert that there was this play in Sacramento I wanted to see. Called Pride and Prejudice. I just said that would be fun and Robert said ok lets go... dont need to tell me twice.

Thats not the funny part.
Before the play ROb said we should go to the Japanese town in Sacramento. Its really just like a shopping center with three Japanese places but we call it a mini Japan town cause we are cool kids like that. The grocery store is where we get all our cool Authentic Japanese food...

Just so you know Japanese people know how to make mayonnaise way way better than Americans just sayin.
also I love sushi and I love their soups so we got some of that too...
oh and their candy is amazing.
ok ok so we also got rice....
How could we not?
anyways so like I was saying there we were eating dining shopping when all the sudden we have to go to the play. I kid you not
it was behind the parking lot at this old church
ha that could not have been planed better
it was meant to be for SURE
 on our short walk

 Proof of a real man. One that holds my purse even after a lady tells him it does not go with his outfit.
 Play time

I can not wait until the day we can actually afford the really cool nice plays at an actual theater. But for now sitting in an old church's gym make shift stage is classy ok?

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