Saturday, October 5, 2013


Our baby BOY!

We would like you to meet Calin Warren Kai Eshbaugh

Born 9-26-13
12:09 P.M.
8.10 lbs
21.5 inches long

So far we think he has my mouth and Robert's nose.
We do not know the color of his eyes yet they look super dark grey.

Here are some pics around the house of my little baby boy!

He has SOO much dry skin! From being in too long :)

waiting for him to come! Contractions = no fun

sheesh was I tired! only four hours of sleep!

in total awe of him

Calin laying on daddy


So his name....

Calin is a celtic name (scottish) and I am about 75% scottish. It means powerful warrior. Actually we wanted to name him Kaleb or Logan but Robert joked and made up the name Calin. I looked it up online and sure enough it was an awesome real name with a cool meaning and scottish influence! Awesome.

Warren is my Grandfathers name. He died when my mother was just a baby and I have never met him before. I wanted to name my first son after him for a long long time. Warren is his middle name. Warren means protector.

Kai yes we did it. We gave our baby two middle names. He may hate us or love us for it later IDK. but yes Kai, it is Japanese and it means Ocean.We loved how it sounded with his name and Robert's mom and Japanese family really liked it too. Added bonus I love the ocean? lol.

So thats how his name came to be. Calin is pronounced Cal like California and in like inside. Cal-in Calin :)

We are so OVERJOYED to be parents. I could care less about me now, now I just want him to be happy and healthy. Being a new parent is hard work but I love it SOOOO MUCH.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! He is so precious! I like his name! Soak it all in! They grow way too fast! Hope you are feeling well and you heal quickly!


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